Clart About Funded Classes

Are you having a baby?

Have you recently had a baby?

Would you like to get out and meet other new mams?

Becoming a new Mam is a privilege and a joy but is also challenging and can become socially isolating when getting out of the house in those first few weeks seems like the impossible, we understand as we have been there ourselves! Our Clart About Cares classes give you the opportunity to be amongst women who are going through the same life-changing transitions as you.

Our Clart About Cares Class is a friendly, informal social group that provides a warm welcome and shared encouragement at the start of your parenting journey. It is a place where you can find the support you need in a non-judgemental environment.

Our weekly classes are conversation and play-based to offer you the chance to make lasting friendships for you and your baby. Clart About believes that you and your new babies are all ‘stars’ and we want you to come together share your ‘twinkle’ moments and let us share and ‘shine’ together. These classes focus on the well-being of mother and baby.

Suitable for expectant mothers and new mothers with babies up to 6 months old. FUNDED BY STAMP IT OUT CAMPAIGN FUNDED FOR 2020-2021.


Beyond Birth Mental Well-Being Class

Beyond Birth Classes help to keep your mental health in balance, easing you through the transition, building resilience and offering coping techniques to help you with the challenges early parenthood brings.

Exploring a new topic in each session.

Nurture- Looking at how to nurture yourself and your loved ones and practical way of how you can invest in rest.

Emotions- Looking at the emotions of becoming a parent and how you can find calm.

Connections- Looking at how you can find physical and emotional connections and the benefits this brings for you, your baby and your wider family unit.

Healing and Recovery- Looking at ways to release, let go and practice acceptance in early parenting.

Nourish- Looking at ways to find contentment and how the benefit of this affects you and those around you.

Transformation- Looking at ways of easing the transition into parenthood and accepting your new role.

Using a variety of techniques including: Simple mindfulness and visualisations. Guided breathing and relaxation. Easy, effective and enjoyable self care ideas.

Suitable for expectant mothers in late pregnancy and early parenthood.

My Mammy Twinkles Project

My Mammy Twinkles project focusses on the positive benefits of journaling in early parenting. Journaling is known to have lots of therapeutic benefits and is a great creative tool to express feelings and emotions.

Exploring different types of journaling in our weekly sessions.

We will help you understand the benefits of journaling and how you can keep your mental wellbeing in check in the early days of parenting.

Each Mama will receive a FREE My Mama Twinkles Journal as part of the project to take away!

Suitable for new mothers with babies under 6 months. FUNDED BY HAPPINESS HUB FOR 2021-2022.

Sensory Clarters

Sensory Clarters is a fun, stimulating and interactive session using all of your babies senses. A wide range of lights and props are used to allow you and your child to explore, move and sing songs themed to the theme of the week.

Making friends for you and your little ones and enjoying our fantastic sensory room too!

So it’s not just about flashing lights and singing a few songs? Sensory Clarters is educational too!