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woman-1235716_1920Are you having a baby?

Have you recently had a baby?

Becoming a new Mam is a privilege and a joy but is also challenging and can become socially isolating when getting out of the house in those first few weeks seems like the impossible, we understand as we have been there ourselves! Our Clart About Cares classes give you the opportunity to be amongst women who are going through the same life-changing transitions as you which can be extremely helpful.

Our Clart About Cares Class is a friendly, informal social group that can provide a warm welcome and shared encouragement at the start of your parenting journey. It is a place where you can find the support you need in a non-judgemental environment.

Our weekly classes are conversation and play-based to offer you the chance to make lasting friendships for you and your baby. Clart About believes that you and your new babies are all ‘stars’ and we want you to come together share your ‘twinkle’ moments and let us share and ‘shine’ together. These classes focus on the well-being of mother and baby.

Suitable for expectant mothers and new mothers with babies up to 6 months old (older siblings always welcome too)

Clart About Cares Class Timetable 2019

Available throughout the year, during term-time.

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Supported by the NHS Improvement fund and County Durham Community Foundation

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We would like to fundraise with the intention of expanding our ‘Clart About Cares’ classes across the region. Clart About Cares Classes are free and informal social groups for expectant and new mother’s to come togetherĀ and share their parenting journeys. Becoming a new mother is a privilege and a joy but is also challenging. We rely on funding to enable us to reach out to new mother’s and this funding will support us to continue providing this class for FREE! We have ongoing running costs to meet whilst we move forward with our mission of supporting new mothers who are often faced with a lack of support leading to social isolation which is a contributing factor in pre and postnatal illness.

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